25 June, 2017
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    Core Values

    1. Cultural Enrichment- Students at IIS are enriched with the varied cultural aspects of UAE by inculcating in them different ways of thinking & observing the diverse traditions of life. This leads them to be more sensitive, creative and have a better means of measuring or judging even their own cultural norms.

    2. Global Exposure – Learning in school is to build close people-to-people links between students & foster mutually beneficial strategic interaction. IIS equips ever student with skills to bring both intellectual as well as local diversities of cultures, religions, practices throughout the world into the classroom.

    3. Ethical Orientation – IIS believes that students should understand & live by the standards of honorable behavior, which are essentially a matter of attitude & spirit rather than a system of rules & regulations. Decent self-respecting behavior must be based on personal integrity & genuine concern for the others & on the ethical principles which are the basis of a civilized society.

    4. Intellectual Vigor – We strive to prepare our students to be global citizens & leaders of 21st Century. By setting & holding the highest of expectations, we seek to build young boys & girls as teammates & leaders who navigate easily & effectively in our diverse world; who continually challenge themselves intellectually & morally; & who are committed to ensuring that those who follow them, will themselves have unprecedented opportunities.

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