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Apart from having a well-executed modern infrastructure that meets international standards, our school contains top-tier facilities for students to provide them with a unique and exceptional learning experience. Some of the many facilities we provide are:

Football ground | Cyber Square | Basketball Court | Separate play area for KG and Grades | Badminton Court | Volleyball Court | Indoor Courts | Language Labs | Music, Dance, Yoga and Karate Training | Special Facilities for Students of Determination.

Digital Classrooms: As the world’s technological advancements move ahead, so must educational institutions. Use of technology in classes is essential towards the better future of upcoming generations. Hence, our school curriculum has inculcated technology as part of regular class practices.

Library: A school library is where students should be able to further enhance their education with the help of the many reference books at their disposal. Our school consists of a neat, well-designed, high-stocked library, where students from primary to high school can find authentic sources for research.

Indoor and Outdoor Play Areas: We prioritize our students’ analytical and physical development, and we have implanted various outdoor and indoor play areas within the distinctive premises of the school. Students are encouraged to play sports and games like badminton, table tennis, basketball, football, chess, carrom and many more. We also hold competitions to instill determination and sportsmanship in our students’ intellectual development.

Cyber Square: As an attempt to stay on track with the world’s technological development, we have introduced Cyber Square into our curriculum where we teach computer programming/ coding and different languages of computer coding. Our students learn to make websites, games, apps, videos, presentations and short movies. We have also won an official Guinness Book of World Records on the title ‘Most users in a Web Development Video Hangout’ in 2022.

Farming: As important as it is to stay technologically up-to-date, students must also learn to live in harmony with nature. And to ensure this, we are the first ever school in the UAE to integrate farming into our curriculum in 2011. We are proud that our students are involved in farming practices which is a basic knowledge that all students, irrespective of their age, must acquire in line. The schools has made it into the Guinness Book, for the title ‘Largest number of individual saplings distributed was back in 2019.

Mentoring: Our well-executed curriculum helps students acquire various skills that set a cultural and aesthetic scheme. We provide mentoring on Music, Karate, Dance, Football, and Badminton which allows students to be involved in many extra-curricular activities.

Second Languages: Learning a new language can evidently improve a child’s concentration span, literacy, memorization and hearing skills. Since Habitat School consists of clusters of diverse individuals, we have various second language electives available for students. These are: Hindi, Urdu, Malayalam.


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